Thursday, December 22, 2005

Zimbabwe's Mugabe, 82, Seeking Exit Strategy?

The Financial Gazette has an interesting article about Zimbabwe, Mugabe's exit, and upcoming elections. While they discuss constitutional amendments, keep in mind the Movement for a Democratic Change (MDC) has been the brunt of violence at each election. Therefore, they do not have a voice in these procedings.

Mugabe's term of office is over, if he stays in office, in 2008. There are talks of having an interim president until 2010, from 2008-2010, so as to ease the country into a new governing body.

Zimbabwe is a country slightly larger than the state of Montana with a population of 1.5 million people. The capitol is Harare (pronounced Ha-RAR-e). It is located in Southern Africa, and it's terrain is mostly desert with a subtropical climate.

While Zimbabwe has had a turmoltuos chaotic time with this government, here is how it is constructed:
Type: Parliamentary.
Constitution: December 21, 1979.
Independence: April 18, 1980.

Branches: Executive--President (chief of state and head of government), Cabinet. Legislative--In the 150-seat House of Assembly, 120 seats are popularly elected and 30 are directly appointed by the president or selected through a process strongly influenced by him. Judicial--High Court, Court of Appeal, local and customary courts.

Administrative subdivisions: Town Councils and District Councils.

Main political parties: Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front [Mugabwe's party] (ZANU-PF); Movement for Democratic Change [Opposition party] (MDC); National Alliance for Good Governance (NAGG), Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU), Zimbabwe African National Union-Ndonga (ZANU-Ndonga).
If you would care to find out more about the people and the economy, you may do so by reading this. Have a good day.

Correction: The population of Zimbabwe is actually 15, not 1.5, million.