Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Free Jack Idema Blogburst 5/17/2006

As far as I know they're still there, and the situation hasn't changed in spite of numerous visits from Parliament. The fact is we keep anticipating any day now there is going to be a press conference when these men will be exonerated in front of the world, but it has not yet occurred.

After all, when you're tortured for the sake of detaining terrorists connected with Gulbideen Hekmatyar (who is on America's most wanted list). Even Karzai and the new Parliament are putting some distance between themselves and the fact that the guys were declared innoncent in a second trial. You just can't keep relying on the first Taliban trial which ignored all the rules of Afghan law and say they 'had a fair trial.' That is, unless you're against the military and our fighting the war on terror, just as so many Leftists Professors at our elitist universities believe: "There is no war on terror".

Please consider the Americans at Pulacharke prison at this moment, and think about this: It has been over a year since they've been declared completely innocent by the Afghan appeals court, yet they're still being held. The question is, why? If the Afghans admit that no torture occurred (there hadn't), there was no torture chamber (there was not), they entered the country legally (they did). So why has the American government turned its back on them?

To read the rest of this of th is interesting news, please go to Cao's Blog. She also has several more articles for you to familiarize yourself with this on-going case. Please, get involved.

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