Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Will Syria attack the Golan?

According to an article in NewsMax, 'Syria President Assad Threatens War', Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has threaten to attack Israel to take back Golan. There appears to be some credence to that threat, as, Syria has staged it's military forces on the boarder near Golan Heights region.

After the dhimmis apologist and appeasement security agreement that worked out by the United Nations, Israel has begun to withdraw much of it's forces from their "high ground" in Lebanon. The Lebanese military who was unable to tame Hezbollah in the past is taking up key positions along Litani River, 18 miles from the Israeli border. However, Hezbollah has said point blank that they will not disarm. Sure sounds to me that it status quo in the Middle East. And the Islamos are dancing in the streets that they were victorious against Israel, you know, the country that was attacked by Iranian proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah..

There are no checks and balances to prevent Hezbollah from re-grouping, re-arming and moving back into a combat offensive posture. United Nations General Secretary, Kofi Annan, has urged the United Nations Security Counsel to ignore Hezbollah treaty violations and appears to embolden hostilities in the region.

Hezbollah appears to be playing a good public relations game, reminiscent of the rise of the Third Reich of Germany during the 1930s with their offer of (Iranian sponsored) reconstruction monies to each of displaced southern Lebanon families and are encouraging Lebanese youth to participate in educational youth programs; like the rise of the Storm Troopers and youth party in Germany. This is the making of a perfect storm in the Middle East.

Enter Syria, who shows open hostility toward Israel. The Syrian government daily Al-Thawra claimed Hezbollah had achieved a military victory over Israel, which "forced the Americans to make huge diplomatic efforts aimed at preventing [the victory] from being translated into a new political reality.” Syria is small enough not to invoke the wrath of the global community nor the involvement of the United States. Iran will sit idly by and supply the necessary arms and perhaps a few covert troops like they supplied to Hezbollah.

Does Iran's proxy government of Syria smell blood in the water? Do they believe that they have a "chance" of defeating Israel? T he world body of the United Nations appears to have no sympathies for the State of Israel. Would the ambivalence of the United Nations and world opinion hold off America from becoming involved if Syria decides to escalate a war with Israel for the Golan? Is Syria willing to gamble on it?

From a military strategist point of view, the timing may be perfect to escalate a Syria - Israeli war. Syria may get a pass from Kofi Annan and the dhimmis and apologists of the world.

Does anyone "see" the battlefield possibly taking shape? What would be the outcome?

Will Syria Attack Israel for Golan?