Tuesday, November 07, 2006

USA to UN: Declare Iran a threat to peace: DBI

Tuesday's Daily Briefing on Iran.
U.S. Wants U.N. Measure to Say Iran is Threat to Peace.
  • Reuters reported that in an effort to toughen a European draft resolution on Iran , the United States wants the text to say that Tehran 's nuclear ambitions posed a threat to international peace and security.
Will Hezbollah cause a new diversion as UNSC meets on Iran?
  • Adnkronos International reported that the mouthpiece of the Iranian revolutionary guards corps called on Lebanon-based Shiite militias Hezbollah to strike Israel with its missiles which should "coincide with the next international meeting of a certain importance," possibly referring to an upcoming UN Security Council gathering to discuss sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program.
Islamic Republic offers missile technology to its friends.
  • Reuters reported that Iran is ready to share its missile systems with friends and neighbors according to the commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Yahya Rahim Safavi.
Here are a few other news items you may have missed.
  • Reporters without Borders invited bloggers to join their 24-hour online demonstration against Internet censorship. Iranian graphic designers might want to join in their anti-censorship ad campaign.
  • The Washington Times reported that newspapers have been closed, intellectuals arrested, satellite dishes confiscated and Internet traffic disrupted in what is seen as a delayed crackdown more than a year after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became Iran 's president.
  • Amir Tehari, Iran va Jahan published a retrospective on the life and death of Fereydoun Hoveyda who transformed himself from a professional diplomat and acclaimed novelist into one of the most original thinkers about the place of Islam in a world created and dominated by the non-Muslim powers of the West.
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