Friday, March 25, 2005

Two days until Wall Street

Here is the latest e-mail from Mark. The gathering will be in 3 days, on March 28, 2005. Please contact me if you plan on going, so I can make sure it is the 28th and not the 27th. I'm pretty it's the 28th, though.

Please consider going. It is so important that we do all we can for these people. You are their voice while they have none. It will take 6 hours out of your life to save hundreds of thousands of lives. That is a noble cause. Thank you.

salaam, friends,

A really good week. thanks to yared and darfur peoples assn ny thousands of flyers were handed out saturday in central park. nyu went smashingly -- so many there were already well aware of the rally and intent on being there.

nypd finally granted the permit, so we won't have any trouble keeping our rally "positive." then, last night, i got a call from mtv--they're going to be looking for college students at the rally. tonight, cbs called. they'll be there too. (whoever is forwarding these messages on to their media contacts, thank you so very much!)

tonight's concert at the c-note was very cool. there is definitely a "buzz" going on now for the rally. the music was great, too. i only wish i could've stayed (i've got a subway train to operate in an hour.)

this weekend, the big challenge is devising a cardboard tube that can support the kind of huge banner we have in mind. we'll see.

i'm going to send out one more message sunday, but until then i have this:
this rally is designed to be a way for citizens to bypass the intransigent international political impotency and create a dramatic change in the future fortunes of these poor masses of people stranded out in the desert over there.
remember --- in the seventies, we couldn't even get our own congress to condemn apartheid--they were bypassed by a divestment campaign driven by regular folks, like you and me, and that brazen south african government began granting concessions--something it had never done before--the moment the divestment campaign began--concessions that did not end, but grew proportionately with the divestment "buzz" until there was no south african government.

in one day we can do this, but we need everyone to be there. everyone. they're not going to cover this on the national news if we don't absolutely flood the area with citizens. it could be the best six hours you ever spend, and years from now you will be able to say you made history. but you won't have to wait years. you will see it the moment you get home and check the performance of those five targeted stocks.

think now about how that morning is going to go. what time are you going to leave the house? who might you be able to bring with you (call them now.) It will be a great day to let the kids skip school. it may even be snowing.two million people can't wait any longer.