Thursday, May 12, 2005

Free Muslims March

This Saturday, the moderate Free Muslims Against Terrorism are sponsoring a March Against Terror in Washington, with the endorsement of numerous Muslim and non-Muslim groups.

You would hope that th Muslim leaders of the main street groups would want to be a part of this march, because they keep trying to explain to us that they are a religion of peace. Well, they will not be there.

President Kamal Nawash will not name these leaders, but I believe we know who they are. They should never be heard from again in any capacity having to do with policy, "tolerance," or any other format.

You may find information about the March on the "Free Muslims against Terrorism" website. Everyone is welcome. If you are within the Washington DC area, I highly recommend you go.

It may ease tensions, boost the credibility of Muslims who want to help and not endorse terror, get to know others which is always good for more understanding, and have a great time. These people are so much fun to be around. Please let me know how it went.

Hat tip to Counter Terrorism.