Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Akbar Ganji is Dying

Akbar Ganji is near death and there is nothing more I can do. I feel so helpless. What I can do is write about him. I can also give you links to read about him and ways you may help. I know you don't really care, though. I will not fool myself. You have not left one comment for this brave young journalist.

Jesus Christ declared that it is a true friend who will lay down his life for that of another. This is what Akbar is doing. All you have to do is read his first and possible second letters. You may also read about him in the New York Sun.

No matter that some do not care. Many of us do. I have called President Bush. He is aware of this situation, and HE has called for his release. His crime? He asked for democracy. Imagine that. Have a good free day while others are dying to have what you take for granted. Am I angry? Yes. Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I depressed? You bet your bottom dollar. Yeah, have a good one. At least you can.

Update: I would like to apologize for saying no one has commented. This is not true. I have been so upset, I forgot to look. Please forgive me.

May I please emplore you to pray for the release of Akbar Ganji to a hospital that treat him well. Then for his freedom. For those who do not have faith, may I please emplore you to at least wish him well? I really apprecieate it. Thank you.