Thursday, July 14, 2005

Botswana: Africa's Model Country

A dear friend of mine has championed this "Garden of Eden" in Africa, Botswana. I would like to bring you some good news, for a change. Please go to his site, and read the good news he writes.

He also writes for our group, Love America First. The name may be misinterpreted, so allow me to explain. I love my country. Do I believe we do everything correctly? Of course not! I don't do everything correctly, how could expect that of others? Do we try to help, encourage, shelter, and care for those less fortunate? Yes, we do.

I just got tired of some people looking to America, espicially those within, and blaming us for everything that ever has or ever will go wrong with the world. It is impossible to carry that much weight. I refuse to do it. I give it back to them and tell them, "Okay. You fix it!" That is basically it.

You may not notice this because when a country is allowed to be governed be a free market, much of the aid is provided by individuals. People who truly care. I believe this is the correct way. Just because the government supports others with aid, does NOT relieve us of our responsibility as Christians to do the right thing.

Remember, Christ said, "Whatever you do for the least of these, you are doing for Me." Governments do things for their own reasons. We do it out of love. I like the way I do it better.

We could shut down the Sudanese government, if other governments were not helping them. Darfur would then be our responsibility. Do you really believe we would allow such atrocities to occur? NO!

We should not depend on a paralyzed number of countries to help others. We need to do it ourselves. Thank you.