Monday, July 25, 2005

Daily News from Iran

This is an e-mail I receive daily by these fabulous people who work to let the outside world know what is going on inside Iran. They are working toward a democratic republic. Like we have, but that will serve their interests. I pray for their safety, as any journalist, such as Akbar Ganji, is likely to be imprisoned for saying anything outside of what is considerred "proper." May the day come when we all know the meaning of free speech. Amen.

Martial law declared in Mahabad
Another story on Martial Law Declared in Mahabad

Amir Taheri, Arab News suggested that Akbar Ganji could be Iran's Boris Yeltsin. A must read.

Farideh Nicknazar, Iran Scan reported that Mr. Ganji's situation in the hospital is even worse than in prison and that Iranian officials are intentionally releasing false information to the media in order to confuse the public.

Islamic Republic News Agency reported a demonstration is planned for Sunday, in front of the University of Tehran to support Political Prisoners and demand their immediate release. In related stories they also reported Ganji has told his wife that they can not return my living body to prison.

Iran Focus reported that Iran will resume uranium enrichment activities August 1st.

Yahoo News reported that French President Jacques Chirac warned Tehran the UN Security Council will have to become involved if agreement cannot be reached on Iran's nuclear program.

MEMRI released a short video clip with first-hand evidence that the Terrorist Islamic Republic of Iran have trained and mobilized some 40,000 human bombs to target the U.S. and Israel.

Iranian blogger, Aras Hassan-Nia, Rooz Online reported that trading in Tehran’s Stock Market took a deep dive last week and analysts expect more black days ahead.

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