Saturday, July 16, 2005

Darfur this week 7/16/2005

Situation in Darfur and Analysis
New VP John Garang calls for peace and dialogue in Darfur:
Under the banner of "New Sudan", [new Vice President] Garang hailed the inauguration as the start of the road to self-determination, popular consultation and full respect for human rights freedom and dignity, regardless of race, religion or gender. Additionally, he also called for the Sudanese people to build consensus, work to achieve good governance, equitable development and to eliminate corruption. [read more].

NATO should deploy 12,000 troops to Darfur-think tank:
"Bold new action is urgently required to safeguard the inhabitants of Darfur, many of whom are still dying, being raped or facing indefinite displacement from their homes," said the report by ICG [International Crisis Group], which has closely followed the Darfur conflict. [read more].

International Response
Darfur action key to ending US sanctions - Zoellick:
Zoellick attended the swearing in on Saturday of former southern rebel chief John Garang as first vice president, marking a new era after two decades of north-south civil war.

"It's an important day in terms of the formation of the government of national unity," Zoellick said. "But it's equally important that we connect it to the events in Darfur and indeed to the challenges of peace and stability throughout all of Sudan." [read more].

NATO begins deployment of African peacekeepers into Darfur:
NATO and the European Union agreed last month to help fly some 5,000 troops from African Union nations into Darfur to strengthen the AU's existing monitoring force of 2,700 troops.

NATO is not planning to deploy troops of its own to the region, but has sent eight experts to Africa to help co-ordinate the airlift. A further 24 NATO officers will be sent to train AU headquarters staff in Nairobi, Kenya.

Statement by the G8 and AU: Sudan:
I cannot print what they are saying. I do not believe it, because I know it to be a lie. They are not giving the proper support, and they are far from doing what is necessary. If you want to waste your time and read it, here it is.

Laura Bush talks genocide in Rwanda:
Dear First Lady,
I am glad you are touring Africa. I am glad you remember Rwanda. Might I ask one question? Why is there no mention of Darfur?

More than two years of conflict there have left tens of thousands dead and more than 2 million displaced in the Sudan, mostly as the result of a counterinsurgency by Arab, pro-government militias against black African rebels.

Paul Rusesabagina, the lifesaving hotel manager portrayed in the movie "Hotel Rwanda," recently accused the world of failing Darfur now just as it did Rwanda in 1994. [read more].

Actions and Awareness Initiatives
Extended fast in protest of Darfur’s suffering To protest the ongoing violence in Darfur and America's inadequate response to the genocide, Nate Kleinman of Pennsylvania undertook a 12-day fast in Lafayette Park, across from the White House. At his doctor's insistence, Nate ended his fast Monday, June 11. Hearing of Nate's commitment and his decision to end the fast, Jay McGinley, another Pennsylvania activist, took Nate’s place in Lafayette Park. Jay will be fasting for about a week, at the end of which other volunteers are expected to take his place to continue the protest. If you are interested in more information about the fasting or if you would like to help their movement against genocide, please contact:

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National Weekend of Prayer and Reflection for Darfur
Members of Congress Support National Weekend of Prayer for Darfur
Members of Congress and representatives of religious, and private relief organizations gathered at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday in support of a National Weekend of Prayer and Reflection for Darfur, to focus attention on the situation in that region of Sudan.