Saturday, July 09, 2005

Release Ganji-Iranian Political Prisoner

This man has been in prison for many months, maybe even years, now. He is very ill after being on a hunger strike. No one is allowed to visit. All of this because he desires democracy. He is a political prisoner. We need to raise our voices to bring awareness to his cause.
Dear friends,

We want to invite you to the new web site we have set up, Release Ganji! Campaign (, to support Akbar Ganji and consolidate our efforts to release him.

You can use this web site to coordinate your efforts to release Ganji with other activists. You can use the space to communicate news, links and more importantly any public activity. Email us these informations and we will post them regularly here.

You can also download and use prepared brochures and distribute them among the people where you live and so raise the public awareness of Ganji's critical situation.(The brochures are designed to influence the Canadian government. We need to create one for the U.S. and other nations).
It is simply imperative that we do whatever we can to help this man. It is only human. It is only right. Thank you.