Monday, August 29, 2005

Demand Rights for Military Students

I want you to read this. The National Review Online has found a very interesting article about 2 Marines who are having a very difficult time of it at school. They are being harrassed, yelled at, mocked, and unimagineable other things.

Do you want it to be Nam, again? Then do something. Go to the local campus. Find a counselor. Offer your time to start an organization of retired Military people. Get a permit for a rally across from the school with signs saying, "THANK YOU for your SERVICE, and WELCOME HOME!" Bring them anything they may need.

Show our men and women they are NOT isolated. They are HEROES! I thank each and everyone of them, and they deserve the respect of this country. We must not allow the Left (Communists) to steal from them the honor they so courageously deserve.

Please, read the article, and you will understand. It is worth your two minutes. Considering they gave their all.

Hat tip to Blackfive.