Thursday, December 01, 2005

Darfur: Other News

Please take your time, and read some these articles. It may be painful, but no pain no gain. These people have suffered enough while we sat here and did nothing. Don't you think it's about time we heard their tiny voices crying out to hear about their plight? I do, and I believe you do, too. Thank you.

What's to Be Done About Darfur? Plenty NY Times – 11/29/2005
Facing up to Darfur Washington Post – 11/27/2005
The New Rwanda NY Times – 11/28/2005
Darfur and Northern Uganda Shrugging at genocide Philadelphia Inquirer – 11/30/2005
Give thanks and give Houston Chronicle – 11/24/2005
AU opens fresh talks on Darfur I-Africa – 11/30/2005
Darfur rebels say attack town, demand seat at talks Washington Post – 11/30/2005
Politics: African Union Warned Against Letting Sudan Lead All Africa – 11/25/2005
China, Sudan to Further Armed Forces Exchanges China Internet Information Center – 11/29/2005
Sudan to double oil output News 24 – 11/28/2005

Other News:

Rwanda II: UN Frets Over Sudanese Death and Chaos Sierra Times – 11/30/2005
From Stan, our man in Sudan: The Watermelon Story Village Soup – 11/29/2005
Germany extends its support of AU peacekeeping mission in Sudan German Federal Press Office – 11/30/2005