Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Jack Idema Update

Another Wednesday is upon us, and again there is no word on the condition of Jack Idema. Are you busy getting all your Christmas presents together? Maybe you celebrate Hanukkah? I hope whichever your pleasure is, you have a very one. Would it be possible you could take just a moment to consider those whom will not be as fortunate as you due to our government?
Please consider the plight of the Americans being held at Pulacharke prison [in Afghanistan] at this moment. It's been over a year since they've been declared completely innocent by the Afghan appeals court, yet they're still being held. The question is...why? If the Afghans admit that no torture occurred (which they did), that they entered the country legally (which they did), that there was no torture (which they wasn't), then why has the American government turned its back on them?

Put aside the question as to whether or not Jack and his men are active-duty soldiers, because that's not the question. The question is not whether he had an alleged "fraud conviction" (and that's not what it was!) The question is--if you were abroad working in a country that signed agreements to honor basic human rights of people working there in order to receive financial assistance--and then you're falsely arresting of something and thrown in prison for it--wouldn't you expect your countrymen to take up arms, or pens, or telephones and make sure that the people who are pulling the levers of power would at least be AWARE of this situation?
Yes, indeed I would. This is a travesty of justice, and we must not continue to have our eyes closed as we carry out our daily pleasures while these brave men and women are dying so we may do so.
Well it's time the American people did so on behalf of the Americans being held at Pulacharke. Certainly Karzai with all of the languages he speaks understands English!

It's time to turn up the heat on all our elected representatives, because this absolutely should not stand. How on earth can someone remain in detention--remain in prison--after they've been declared innocent by the country where they're being held? This whole affair is so convoluted it's beyond description, and it defies REASON!

Contact your representatives and ask them why Idema, Bennett and Caraballo are STILL being held at Pulacharke when they were all declared innocent by the Afghans since at least December of last year.
If you would like to write or call your Senators and/or Congressperson, please visit Cao's site. She has all the information you need, including e-mail addresses, embassy's, and even phone numbers. Please, take a stand this Christmas. Stand up for Jack while he is unable to be heard by the people.

I use this site to stand up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Darfur, Iran, Iraq, Syria, China, and more. Now I am using it for Jack Idema. Please help me to help him. Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

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