Friday, December 02, 2005

Major Student Protest in Tehran

A cleric with no formal education was appointed by Ahmadinejad as President of the University at Tehran University. This angered the students of this school, and rightly so. This man is well known for his long history of oppressing student activists. In this anger, the students removed his turban! There is indeed another riot.

The group, 'Committee for Iran's free referendum,' has presented us with a statement. The situation is getting much worse in Iran for freedom loving Iranians.

The 'main stream media' is refusing to cover this. Will you please help me to get the word out? If you have a blog or website, please write about this. Share this with all the people you know. That is, the people who actual care. Lip service kills. Do not waste your precious time. Please tell the people who care. Thank you.