Sunday, December 18, 2005

This Week in Darfur, Sudan 12/18/2005

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Sudan, Darfur rebels agree on wealth sharing framework, Sudan Tribune - 12/14/2005
This week has seen both progress and setbacks in Darfur. One piece of good news came from Abuja, the scene of the 7th round of Darfur peace talks. In the first major success of this round of talks, delegations from the Sudanese government and from various rebel groups have agreed on the first item on the peace talk agenda, a basic framework for the sharing of wealth.

Sudan: UN opens two roads in western Darfur to humanitarian relief, UN News Center – 12/14/2005
Threats force UN to ground some Darfur aid copters, Reuters- 12/09/2005
A second piece of good news came today when the UN announced that they planned to reopen two roads in west Darfur previously closed to aid convoys for security reasons. The decision to reopen the roads was made only after the UN had received assurances that their vehicles would be granted safe passage, and came less than a week after the UN had grounded several aid helicopters and evacuated workers in west Darfur due to security concerns. The seemingly contradictory decisions demonstrate just how volatile things are for the thousands of aid workers on the ground in Sudan.

Frustration Boils Over in Sudan Refugee Camp, Los Angeles Times - 12/14/2005
Global criminal court seeks probe in Sudan's Darfur, Reuters - 12/13/2005
Sudan scoffs at report on Darfur 'war crimes', Gulf Times - 12/13/2005
The bad news this week was to be found elsewhere in Sudan, where frustrated residents of the Kalma camp for internally displaced persons took control of a Red Cross aid station and held aid workers hostage. The incident was sparked by the Sudanese government’s arrest of a camp leader who had criticized the Bashir government to the UN. All hostages were eventually released. In Khartoum, meanwhile, government officials attacked a new report released by Human Rights Watch which names President Bashir and other high-ranking Sudanese officials as complicit in genocidal activities. Despite their denilas of guilt, Sudanese officials have denied investigators from the International Criminal Court access to witnesses in Sudan.

In America, think-tank experts, former military and State Department leaders, humanitarian aid organizations, and advocacy groups including the Save Darfur Coalition continue to press Congress and the Bush Administration to include funding for African Union peacekeepers in the FY06 Defense spending bill, and to pass the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act. Those points continue to be echoed prominently in the press as well.

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