Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wednesday's Update: Jack Idema 12/21/2005

Cao has been doing a very good job following this story about Jack Idema. Some people, however, seem to wish to defame her. This gets my dander up. If you do not agree with someone, that is one thing. To go out of your way to disclose information that is not yours to disclose is another. I hope you would reconsider, and cease and desist.

To continue, it appears there is some movement toward getting Jack released by the Afghani new Parliament, possibly. Let us keep praying and hoping.
Parliament sat this week in Afghanistan for the first time in history, and Rabanni held a press conference..., and said he is standing down and throwing his support behind Yanus Qanooni. <...> Qanooni is a good friend of Jack's, so it should be interesting to see how this all plays out.

All of this means great things for our friends who are still being held at Pulacharke...
You may read the whole blogburst at Cao's Blog.

As I have stated before, there are some people who agre with what I am doing in helping getting the word out, and there are people who have expressed to me to be a little cautious. I appreciate their concerns. I also appreciate the fact they did not ask me not to do what I am doing. It is good to have friends looking out for me, however I believe in this cause.

1. Jack Idema is an American citizen.
2. Jack Idema was in Afghanistan hunting for Osama bin Laden to kill him.
(3. Jack Idema is being imprisoned in Afghanistan on false charges which have been dropped due to the fact he was found innocent on all counts.)

This is the only issue of importance to me. I want that bastard dead. (OBL in case you misunderstand!) Hopefully, Jack will now be released to finish his work. Oh glorious day!

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