Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Chaos in Egypt over Sudanese Refugees

U.N. asks Egypt not to deport Sudanese refugees

CAIRO, Egypt (Reuters) -- The United Nations' refugee agency said on Wednesday it asked Egypt not to deport 650 Sudanese people who the Egyptians claim are in their country illegally.
The UN finally stepped up to their responsibility from which they have trying to avoid for the past several years. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) asked Egypt to allow 650 people to remain as part of an asylum-seeker status re-settlement. Nothing has been confirmed, however.Egypt is speaking out of both sides of their mouth. In one instance, they agreed not to deport the refugees, at another, they were making contradictory statements.
A Foreign Ministry official said the Sudanese would be repatriated by boat on Thursday, in coordination with the Sudanese embassy. Embassy officials had no immediate comment.
That is a pittance of a first step. There is no guarantee for the other 20,000 people seeking asyum, said UNHCR spokesperson Astrid van Genderen Stort. There are concerned, however, that some people may have lost their documentation during the beatings Egyptian police gave them. Many of the people have been there for over 3 months trying to get asylum status from UNHCR without success.

There has been much abuse by the Egyptian government toward these refugees. They have already killed 27, that we know of, as well as using heavy sticks and water cannons to physically assault these refugees to move them from a park. There were 3,500 people who were abuses by the Egyptian government.

Stort stated there has not been an official inquiry into the deaths of the 27 protesters, but she would welcome one. What? If you are in charge of this, lady, then why don't you get off your duff and do so!

These refugees face real racism, unemployment, lack of education, and lack of health care due to the fact they are not citizens and do not have refugee status. The UN, surprise, surprise, says these people have access to Egypt's welfare services. NO, THEY DO NOT.

The UNHCR claims they have 20,000 'refugees' registered. There are an estimated 3 million Sudanese people living in Egypt! Wowee. At that rate, it will only take 150 years to register them all! Then what?

There are 4 million refugees from Sudan. Imagine that. Four million. 4,000,000 people without a home, without a country, without hope. Will we help? That depends. Do you care? Then call Washington! Call your Senators and Congressperson toll free at 1-877-762-8762. If that number does not work, spend a couple pennies and use this number: 1-202-224-3121. Call the White House at 1-202-456-1111.

Let them know, politely, you care. You believe we should help these people. You want the situation in Darfur front and center. Let them know you want them to solve the problem with Sudanese government solved. They are constantly murdering, raping, beating, and putting their people into SLAVERY. THIS MUST STOP. Will you help? Please? Thank you.