Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Free Jack Idema 1/18/2006

One aspect of the case of Special Forces soldier Jack Idema that I've stressed time and again is that the first 'trial', at which Jack, Brent and Ed were sentenced to between eight and ten years in prison, was a complete travesty.

Of course, given the effeminate shrieking from human rights hustlers that accompanies even the slightest deviation from due process, some people might conclude that Idema and his men received a fair enough hearing, and that a kind of rough justice was done.

This was certainly the impression MSM were keen to convey in their coverage of the trial. Here's the BBC, who seemed to find it all rather
There is no doubt that some hearings descended into almost comical chaos, with witnesses having stand-up rows with Idema and the other Americans. And the prosecution seemed to base most of its case on accusation rather than evidence.

Translation was another problem - some of those chosen were not up to what was a difficult job.
... So what's it to be? The travesty the Free Jack campaign claim, or the somewhat rowdy, but basically sound trial MSM were a witness to? [continue reading].

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