Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jack Idema, Who Is He?

Each time I write about the plight of Jack Idema, the U.S. Special Forces soldier illegally imprisoned in Afghanistan along with his right-hand man, Brent Bennet, and Emmy award-winning journalist, Ed Caraballo, I'm conscious that I haven't really talked, in detail, about Jack's relationship with the Afghan troops he trained and fought alongside.

There are two conflicting accounts of Jack's involvement with the Afghan military:
  • The official line is that Idema was a freelancer; a mercenary hunting Islamopaths for the bounties on their heads who had no official standing in either the U.S. or Afghan military. This was the U.S. Government's position at the time of Idema's first trial in September 2004. It was also the position of the Karzai government in Afghanistan.
  • Jack Idema, of course, tells a very different story, stating that he was working as a military advisor to the Northern Alliance, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with these men as they hunted down Islamopaths, not for reward money, but out of patriotism.
Clearly, both of these accounts cannot be correct. It is also clear that war-zones around the world are filled with various adventurers, mercenaries and bounty hunters.

This is the reason why the msm's claims to have never heard of Idema prior to his arrest in 2004 are so damaging -- They add credence to the U.S. and Afghan governments' assertion that Jack was a rogue-operator and, effectively, deflect interest from his case. After all, there's a big difference between imprisoning a mercenary serving himself and imprisoning a U.S. soldier serving his country.

It is for these reasons those of us involved in this campaign justice to be done in this case are so keen to stress both Jack's past military record and the duplicitous nature of big media. The msm first reported on the work Jack Idema was doing in Afghanistan, then they denied all knowledge of him a year later.

Please continue reading this article over at Cao's Blog. I will have the exact URL later in the day tomorrow. Thank you very much for at least looking, reading, thinking, and considering doing what you believe to be right. Have a good day.

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