Friday, February 03, 2006

News from Iran 1/29/2006 (Belated)

SMCCDI reported that tens of Tehran's Collective Bus drivers, technicians, workers and wives have been wounded by brutal militiamen as a result of Saturday's strike.
SMCCDI added that several buses have been damaged as angry crowds protested against the presence of Bassij Para-military appointed drivers attempting to break the strike.
SMCCDI also reported that a fire forced the closure of a Tehran Metro Station, believed to be an act of arson on the same day that many of Tehran's Collective Bus drivers observed a protest action. Metro Station workers were heard shouting slogans by calling for solidarity with the Bus company’s strikers.
The Guardian reviewed the EU's use of "soft" power and reminds us that it is an American invention that at its core involved the promoting the US as a beacon of prosperity and openness.

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