Thursday, February 09, 2006

News from Iran 2/9/2006

Mon, Jan. 30, 2006; Tue, Jan. 31, 2006; Wed, Feb. 1, 2006; Thu, Feb. 2, 2006; Fri, Feb. 3, 2006; Sat, Feb. 4, 2006, Sun, Feb. 5, 2006;
Telegraph reported that the IAEA board of governors has voted 27 to three to report Iran to the UN Security Council and
The IAEA published the text of the resolution.
Mon, Feb. 6, 2006,
The Dawn reported that Iran recalled its ambassador to Denmark over the publication of cartoons depicting Islam's Prophet Mohammad. Iran's culture ministry warned it may ban reporters from publications that have printed the cartoon.

Tue, Feb. 7, 2006; Wed, Feb. 8, 2006,
Iran Press News reported that the Supreme Leader's newspaper called for taking the IAEA inspectors hostage and prosecuting them for espionage
and Thu, Feb. 9, 2006
The US and Brits discuss how to promote a regime change in Iran!
ABC News reported that American and British diplomats held talks this week on ways to promote democracy in Iran. FINALLY!!!

The US wants to send a message to Iran. reported that the US administration wants Turkey to send a warning to Iran.
I messed up the dates. I know. There is simply no way I can find to reconcile them! lol. Please have mercy upon me. There is more to come. I pray for the peace-seekers in Iran. May their struggle be light, may it be swift, and may we help in anyway we can to assist in their freedom.