Sunday, February 26, 2006

News from Sudan 2/26/2006

Here are some very good links to keep you up-to-date and interested in Darfur, Sudan. I hope you read them, and call your representatives!

President Discusses Global War on Terror Following Briefing at CENTCOM The White House – 2/17/2006
The Bush Administration Commitment to Darfur Department of State – 2/3/2006
Bush Sees Need to Expand Role of NATO in Sudan New York Times – 2/18/2006
NATO mulls more aid for Sudan peacekeepers The Conservative Voice - 2/21/2006
Pressure rises over NATO's Darfur role International Herald Tribune - 2/20/2006
U.S. presses NATO for greater Darfur presence Air Force Times – 2/22/2006
U.S. tells U.N. to hurry up with Darfur planning Reuters – 2/22/2006
Bolton chides Annan on UN planning for Darfur force Jackson News-Tribune - 2/21/2006
Rice says genocide continues in Darfur, U.N. must act Reuters - 2/17/2006
Bush seeks $85 billion for wars, storms Chicago Sun-Times - 2/17/2006
SUDAN: Britain to give additional funding to AU mission Reuters – 2/22/2006
Sudan: U.S. Congressional Delegation Visits Sudan’s Darfur Region African News Dimension - 2/20/2006
California Congress Members Head to Darfur - 2/17/2006
Bush Calls for More Muscle In Darfur Washington Post - 2/20/2006
Turning the tide in Darfur Washington Times - 2/21/2006
From Bosnia to Darfur USA Today – 2/22/2006
On the continuing misery in Darfur - 2/21/2006
Your action essential to end Darfur tragedy Orlando Sentinel - 2/20/2006
Americans should act to prevent genocide The University Daily Kansan - 2/20/2006
SUDAN: Living a restricted life in Darfur Reuters – 2/22/2006
Sudan ministers named in leaked UN Darfur list Financial Times – 2/22/2006
Break the Silence, and Speak Up on Darfur The Jewish Exponent - 2/16/2006
The Test The American Prospect – 2/17/2006
Minister calls for aid to Darfur women Trenton Times - 2/20/2006
Africa's Forgotten Crises The Guardian - 2/16/2006
Gold medalist's compassion turns attention to Darfur San Jose Mercury News - 2/16/2006