Friday, February 03, 2006

RFA News Articles 2/3/2006

China Closes Investigative Pages of Top Newspaper
The Chinese authorities close a key publication linked to one of the country's most influential newspapers amid a long-running row between the paper's editorial staff and Communist Party officials over journalistic values.

China Struggles to Keep Lid on Popular Unrest
Local authorities across China were scrambling to keep the lid on popular unrest in 2005, as new figures showed clashes on the rise from a year earlier. WARNING: Story contains a graphic image.

Google Follows Chinese Rules
California-based Google has launched its China search engine,, revealing that it too will go the way of other U.S.-based Internet giants and bow to Beijing's censorship requirements in a bid to gain a slice of the country's burgeoning Internet market.

The Lesser of Two Googles: Reactions From the Worldwide Web
Bloggers and technology experts slam U.S.-based Google’s decision to censor keywords rejected by Beijing in its Chinese version. Some are cynical, some angry, and some say they'll work around China’s ever more efficient Internet controls. "It is shameful that Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others are collaborating with a repressive regime in China—much in the same way that some firms did with Nazi Germany decades ago,” writes one blogger from the central Chinese city of Changsha.