Saturday, March 18, 2006

CNN Alert: Sudan forecasts peace by April's end

I would like to warn the readers that CNN has very little credibility when it comes to telling the truth about murderous dictators, such as Castro, Saddam, Iran, etc. Do not take my word for this. He said as much right after Baghdad fell. Please read these articles with a grain of salt.
NAIROBI, Kenya (Reuters) -- Sudan said on Friday it was optimistic it would reach a peace deal next month with two main rebel groups in Darfur.

Civil war has raged in Darfur since February 2003, pitting the rebels against government forces and Arab militias. Tens of thousands have been killed and 2 million made homeless.

Sudanese Foreign Minister Lam Akol said a detailed new cease-fire proposal presented to the warring parties by the African Union (AU) last week would enable them to make peace quickly. [read more]