Sunday, March 19, 2006

Daily Briefing on Iran 3/19/2006

Thursday, March 16, 2006
  • ET, A View from Iran offered some sanctions on Iran that would actually work. Humor.
  • Bob Gorrell published a cartoon: From Russia with love.

  • Friday, March 17, 2006
  • The White House released their National Security Strategy of the United States of America which has a major focus on Iran. Full text.
  • Iran Press News published a report and photo of the graves being prepared on University grounds for the burial of designated martyrs.
  • Eli Lake, The New York Sun reported that Akbar Ganji must stay in prison because he is likely to face additional charges.
  • Kenneth R. Timmerman, warned the US administration needs to know who its friends are inside of Iran and more importantly, who they are not.
  • Ilan Berman, Iran Democracy Monitor reported Iranian diplomacy is now targeting Turkey.
  • Wanadoo reported an Iranian appeals court has confirmed a sentence of 18 months in jail for a German and Frenchman accused of illegally entering Iranian waters in a fishing boat.
  • And finally, reported Nippon Oil Corp said it will slash its imports from Iran by 15 pct, in part because of the international confrontation over Iran's nuclear program.

  • Saturday, March 18, 2006
  • FOX News reported that U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said the U.N. Security Council appears determined to send a "strong and clear signal" to Tehran about its suspect nuclear program, after a meeting of the powerful U.N. body that he described as the best so far.
  • Nick Wadham, Forbes reported that Russia's U.N. ambassador on Friday rejected proposals that would have the U.N. Security Council demand a quick progress report on Iran's suspect nuclear program, saying - half in jest - that fast action could lead to the bombing of Iran by June.
  • U.S. Department of State reported that Secretary of State Rice said that talks with Iran would not be "negotiations." Full text.
  • White House released a Presidential Message to commemorate the Iranian holiday of Nowruz.
  • Alex Alexiev, Center for Security Policy examined the transition of Iranian totalitarian theocracy to messianic Islamofascism and suggestions towards a strategy for regime change.
  • BBC News reported that a group of exiled Syrian opposition leaders has announced they are to form a common front to oppose President Bashar al-Assad's government.