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News from Sudan 3/05/2006

This Week in Sudan

Security Council Split on Darfur Conflict ABC News - 2/28/2006
U.N. May Upgrade Darfur Peace Force NPR - 2/27/2006
US drive stalls for quick UN vote on Darfur force Reuters - 2/24/2006
America’s term at the helm of the United Nations Security Council came to an end on Tuesday, unfortunately without realizing one of the top goals of its tenure, introducing a Security Council resolution on a UN peacekeeping presence in Darfur. The African Union still has to formally request an expanded UN presence, something that it is expected to do on March 10.

Bush presses Chirac on NATO involvement in Darfur. Reuters - 2/23/2006
Darfur crisis: It must not be overlooked Battle Creek Enquirer - 2/27/2006
THE HOUR: Words Won't Save Sudan. Forward - 2/23/2006
The surety of that request is in some doubt, however, as Sudanese President Bashir has begun lobbying other African nations to oppose a UN force. The idea that other African heads-of-state would base their decisions of how best to protect the people of Darfur on the advice of a man whose regime has been implicated in the genocide would seem absurd. Despite the possibility of the African Union acquiescing to Bashir, support for the UN force is growing elsewhere. The U.S. Senate on Thursday passed S. Res. 383, a resolution calling for significant NATO assistance to the African Union peacekeeping force in Darfur, including the enforcement of a no-fly zone for Darfur, and for a quick transition to a capable UN peacekeeping force with a strong mandate to protect civilians.

The limits of peacekeeping. Los Angeles Times – 3/1/2006
Sudan reiterates refusal of UN peacekeeping deployment in Darfur. People’s Daily Online – 2/26/2006
Al-Beshir warns foreign troops. News 24 South Africa – 2/26/2006
Darfur Will Become Foreign Troops' Graveyard: Bashir Agence France Presse - 2/27/2006
Refugee Crisis Grows as Darfur War Crosses a Border. New York Times - 2/28/2006
Lawmakers call for action to help Darfur refugees San Francisco Chronicle - 2/28/2006
House Lawmakers Seek Sufficient US Funding for Darfur Peacekeeping VOA – 3/2/2006
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Waiting for Action The Evening Bulletin - 2/24/2006
Group begins 22-city tour calling for end to violence in Darfur Wilkes Barre Times-Leader - 2/23/2006
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State May Take Stand Against Darfur Genocide Hartford Courant - 2/24/2006
Brown Divests from Companies Tied to Sudan Harvard Crimson - 2/27/2006
OU takes right stand Oklahoma Daily - 2/24/2006
Many lives at stake Orlando Sentinel - 2/27/2006
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An Impassioned Plea to Save Darfur The Jewish Exponent – 1/28/2006

Talk of further NATO help to the African Union mission continues as well, as political and opinion leaders in America and elsewhere speak out on the urgency of the situation. On Wednesday, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and several other Members of Congress met with members of the Save Darfur Coalition and others to discuss their recent trip to Darfur, and made clear their commitment to finding a solution to the crisis in Darfur. Several critical pieces of legislation will come before Congress in the next few weeks, giving lawmakers both an opportunity to weigh in on how best to help the people of Darfur, and a chance to provide the funds necessary to do so.

Darfur was also in the news outside of Washington. In Philadelphia, Miami and Los Angeles, crowds gathered this week to hear former Marine Captain Brian Steidle speak about his experiences as the U.S. representative to the African Union mission in Darfur. Various states and Universities are moving forward with campaigns to boycott commercial entities with ties to Sudan as well, building on the growing momentum for stronger action that can be seen in America and overseas.

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