Thursday, April 27, 2006

Making Democracy Work

Omar has several good points we should all take into account when it comes to this new government in Iraq.

In the first place, voting alone does not a democracy make. Not on it's own. There needs to be classes provided to all Iraqis.

How did our ForeFathers determine this Republic? They looked back over history to see what worked and what did not work. They took some from here, some from there, and at first they failed. The second go at it, they failed. Did they give up?

No, of course not. We had to learn about a representative republic, however. One that would work for us. Many died in the process, but we did not quit.

The French try to lay claim to our success, and as for their help, thank you. What have you done lately? That's what I thought. End of that. See, each nation looks after its own best interest, as it must.

Iraq needs books about Socrates, Plato, the Roman Empire, etc. to learn from other's mistakes. They may even learn from our very own mistakes!

This is why they need to stop fighting each other over religion. It shouldn't matter what the other person believes. As long as you are free to believe as you wish, would you want that right taken away? If not, do not take it away from someone else.

It seems nowadays that the Republicans have become the more liberal people when it comes to human rights. It would be a mistaken concept, however. Republicans have always been liberal on human rights. It is just amazing how the Democrats have given up their concern for others.

Let us hope that the opposition party in Iraq opposes bad policies because they are bad for the whole country, and they are not just opposed to policies because the other people thought of them first. We must learn to work together for the betterment of all, not just our party. After all, we all belong to the party of the human race, no matter what sex, religion, color, place of birth, etc. Thank you.

Update: Right Truth has a wonderful round-up of many others who are speaking on the same topic: Democracy. He/she is doing a wonderful job. Please go check it out. It is enlightening. Thank you.

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