Friday, April 28, 2006

NATO ponders Darfur support role

Unnamed Author
Nato says it will consider a request by the African Union (AU) for support in Sudan's Darfur region, in what could be the alliance's first mission in Africa.
The USA has been trying to get help from NATO a lot longer than the AU has.
Nato said the AU - whose troops monitor a fragile truce between Darfur rebels, government forces and pro-government militias - is seeking logistical help.
The truce is with Southern Sudan, not Darfur. Maybe if you took a trip there you would know this.
About 180,000 people have been killed in the two-year-old conflict in Western Sudan, according to the UN.
The actual number is over 400,000 people! When, tell me dear Lord, will these people understand there is a racist genocide happening here?

If they do not, if we do not, step up to the plate and stop this genocide, then we should never again say, "Never again."

It continues to happen, and I am sick to death of it. Words are cheap. You cannot eat them. They do not clothe you. They do not shelter you. For shame, all of you governments. If you want my tax dollars, earn them. They are not cheap, either.

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