Monday, May 01, 2006

Atlantic Review Covers Darfur Rally

Atlantic Review has updates on the Darfur Rally. While it may not have been as large as some of the others in recent history, it certainly was the most diverse. Please, go read it!

Here is the comment I left:
Thank you for covering this. Actually, the number of dead is closer to 400,000. That was last summer! I am so outraged. President Bush is waiting on a Darfur Accountability Act. To help, call toll free 877-762-8762 to get this out of committee. Thank you.
I should have added that he is waiting TO SIGN IT. It is hung up in the Senate, as usual. Please use all your influence, and you do have influence, to get these Senators off their buttockses. If they will not, maybe they need a permanent vacation from public duty, eh? Hmm...

Category: Africa, Darfur and USA.