Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Free Jack Idema Blogburst 5/10/2006

Ed Caraballo was released on April 30th from Pulacharke prison and walked out of the gates, wasting no time as he was escorted to the airport for home. We join his family to celebrate his freedom after two years of his unbelievable, horrible ordeal. In the case of Ed Caraballo, who Peter Bergen described as a 'blameless journalist' in this situation, it is important to note that not only did the American government leave this award winning journalist out in the cold, but so did his journalist peers.

The battle continues as Ed appeared in court protesting the long wait to have their Habeas Corpus heard, and leaving most sentient Americans to ponder these circumstances: 1. Terrorists with plenty of pro bono assistance.
2. Americans fighting the WOT barely any.

Creepo (Zacharious Moussaoi) took advantage of the system for over two years. He was declared 'guilty' and decided he wanted to do it again. He asked for a new trial. Sami Al-Arian was slapped with a meager 4-year sentence for his raising funds in the US for Palestinian Jihad. Lawyers readily and gladly offer their assistance to jihadists who aren't even citizens in most cases. They are taking advantage of our system that was originally intended for United States of America citizens only…yet they completely ignore our own citizens.

A terrorist gets his habeas corpus heard within 30 days while in the case of Jack Idema and his men, the file was 'lost.' Their case was not heard for over 9 months, and they were found not guilty...twice.

Ted Kavanau accompanied John Tiffany to Washington, D.C., where the three-ring circus was held. This is what he had to say:
Along with Ed Caraballo and his brother Richard, I accompanied Idema attorney John Tiffany, who brought this case to the Federal Court in Washington, DC …. Among things that Tiffany later said to the AP reporter…none of which was quoted in the AP story below…was that a multitude of American lawyers had rushed to do pro bono defense for the Al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners captured and incarcerated in Guantanamo, but no one when asked by the Judge, would volunteer to defend an American(s) and an Afghani working with Idema, who had proof of innocence, and were incarcerated in Afghanistan.
It is a sorry state of affairs when we can depend on lawyers to defend the Jihadists who are out to murder all of us, and do not recognize American laws.

In contrast, they recognize Sharia law (which they will impose) as the ruling law of this land, and they are working toward this horrifying goal of raising the flag of their moongod over the Whitehouse. Indeed.

There shall be no more lawyers, women's rights, freedoms that are so cherished, etc., but you go on supporting this corruption of your mind. Is this what freedom calls for in a time of war for our very survival? If you believe that, I have some land at Alcatraz I could sell you...

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