Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kelo Revisited in China

China Sentences Dongzhou Villagers For Their Part in Clashes Wednesday, May 24, 2006.

HONG KONG--Several villagers detained by the authorities after last year's Dec. 6 clashes in the southern Chinese township of Dongzhou have been sentenced to between three and seven years' imprisonment by a local court, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reports."

The trial began on May 22, and today, the 24th, all of them received their sentences. (Continue reading by clicking on the link above.)

This is what happened. Do you remember when the SCOTUS (Supreme Court) ruled that the government could take that lady's home away from her to give to a contractor? Well, the corrupt mayor in a small village in China took several farmers homes and told them to leave. They did not want to. They had nowhere to go. So they did what you and I would do. They petitioned the government.

This was their crime. Anyone still think China is getting better due to capitalism? NO, they are not. They are building their military strength, they are buying up the canals that we need for our Navy, and they are trying to block our availability to oil. Does an ally act in this manner, I ask you? Be prepared...

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