Wednesday, May 24, 2006

News from Darfur, Sudan

Well. Now we have a response to the push from the UN to allow peace-keeping (child abusers) into the area of Darfur. Sudan also denies accusations that they broke the peace treaty already!

Sudan denies violating Darfur peace deal May 22, 2006.
Sudan balks at step toward U.N. troops in Darfur May 24, 2006.

These two articles fly in the face of everything we have been fighting for so hard for so long. Number one, there never was a peace treaty when you have three 'rebel' groups and only one shows up to the talks. Number two, The janjaweed have been crossing the border into Chad and fighting them.

You really must read these articles if you want to know what is happening between the Arab world IN THAT AREA and the black Africans. It is called genocide, and it is not funny nor is it fair...