Sunday, May 21, 2006

Peace Treaty through Force?

On May 5, 2006, there was a signing of a 'peace deal' between Darfur and the Sudanese government. The dirty little secret? One out of the three major groups signed. That isn't even enough for a filibuster!

They are now trying to force the other two groups to sign this piece of paper while Khartoum still has not disbannded his Arab death army.
Alpha Oumar Konare, chairman of the African Union commission, urged a faction of the rebel Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) led by Abdel Wahed Mohammed al-Nur and the smaller Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) to sign the deal unconditionally...Nur has come under increasing pressure to sign the deal, but he has set conditions. Although he is weak militarily, he represents Darfur's largest Fur tribe.

Nur demands greater compensation from Khartoum for Darfur war victims, more political posts for the movement and greater SLA involvement in the disarmament of Janjaweed militias.

"When I am assured that the supplementary document has addressed our demands and been attached to the agreement, I shall then attach my signature to the Darfur Peace Agreement," Nur said in a letter to the AU on Monday.

But his close adviser, Ibrahim Madibo, said Khartoum had rejected the demands. "We received a response from the Sudanese government, and it was not positive enough for us to go ahead and sign," Madibo said in the Nigerian capital Abuja. [continue reading]
So. We should listen the UN who cannot bring themselves to call the genocide in Darfur what it is? I say, "NO!" Get rid of the death squads first. Change the attitude of the government of Sudan, or else...

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