Friday, June 09, 2006

Free Jack Idema Blogburst 6/9/2006

Hi. I realize it is not Wednesday, our usual day for the Free Jack Idema Blogroll. Please forgive me. Blogger was doing some weird things these past couple of days. lol. I will try to get this out to you. Here we go.

There has been movement within the Parliament in Afghanistan, some officials have been fired. This seems to be very good news for the Americans still left behind in that awful place.

While some people may celebrate with sick hubris over the incarceration of Jack and Brent, I find it represensible that anyone would stand against them. Those people must be working for the Socialist Worker website. To celebrate the idea that these men might be in any way uncomfortable during their stay there is sick.

The latest development coming from Afghanistan is that Jack Idema is going to have his radio show with us on our new online radio network entitled Wide Awakes Radio (WAR). Jack will be appearing on WAR every Monday from 10-12 am EST. The website is being developed for His show will be called “Rogue American”.

In the meantime Jack and Brent are still at Pulacharke, apparently at the behest of the State Department and the DOJ. This is unheard of since the Afghans declared them innocent months and months ago, and we expected them to be released in January of 2006.

We are still awaiting the news of their release.

So what can we do? Anyone reading this with their own blog and who believes the WoT still needs fighting can sign up for the weekly Free Jack Idema Blogburst, you can learn more about Jack's story at Cao’s Blog. There’s also a timeline here and, of course, a huge amount of information is available over at SuperPatriots, without whose work none of us would have learned about Jack’s story.

Finally, PLEASE NOTE: The SuperPatriots and Jack images on this site are used with WRITTEN COPYRIGHT PERMISSION and any use by any third party is subject to legal action by SuperPatriots.US

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