Sunday, June 11, 2006

Meth Takes a Toll on Indian Reservations

According to an Associated Press report at, Meth takes a toll on Indian Reservations, Leah Fyten believes every family on her South Dakota reservation has been affected by methamphetamine (meth) use. Leah should know, she is a South Dakota representative to National American Indian Housing Council (NAIHC).
NAIHC assists tribes and tribal housing entities in reaching their self determined goals of providing culturally relevant, decent, safe, sanitary, and quality affordable housing for Native people in Indian communities and Alaska Native villages.
As with other areas were it is introduced, meth has torn apart families. The addictive drug has led to increases in crime and death rates.

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Let’s face it, people who use meth can get hooked early on in their experimentation. Once a person is addicted it's extremely difficult to get off the drug. Indian Reservations are particularly vulnerable and are finding out about this plague.

Ingredients used to make meth include toxic chemicals that do permanent injury. Meth doesn't just affect the user; it also impacts the user's family and society as a whole. This is one drug capable of destroying lives, families and communities.

Meth causes lasting destruction, including irreversible and serious damage to the body, parents in jail and kids in foster homes, and serious environmental damage from toxic chemicals in communities where meth is made.

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