Saturday, June 10, 2006

Muslim Counsel of Britian Welcomes Release

The following is a very impressive news release issued by Muslim Council of Britain in regards to the arrest of two brothers in a high profile anti-terrorism raid in east London on May 7th. The Muslim Counsel indicated that it welcomes the news that the two brothers arrested during last Friday’s police raid in Forest Gate, East London, have been released without charge after the search of the brothers home was completed.

“The nature of last week’s raid and the circumstances surrounding the shooting of Abdul Kahar had created considerable unease in the Muslim community, particularly among the younger generation. This decision to release the two brothers without charge confirms their innocence and we hope that the appropriate lessons will be learned by all involved in this tragic incident. This is not a matter of apportioning blame, but of trying to ensure that the necessary foundations are in place to maintain trust and build a genuine partnership between the Muslim community and the police to defeat a terror threat that looks as if it will be with us for some years to come...” Source - News Release issued by Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari, who is the Secretary General, Muslim Council of Britain
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It is interesting that the UK drive-by media and political pundits are a little more tempered than in the United States and NOT attempt to apportion blame. If this had happened in the United States every swinging pundit and drive-by media representative would have apportioned blame for the matter to the police and President Bush.

I am supprised that the US media has not discusseed this UK matter already and blamed President Bush. Perhaps they have been to busy with other matters, marginalizing al-Zarqawi's death and raising suspicions of sinster plots in his, al-Zarqawi's, demise.

The Muslim Council of Britian has been very mature about the unfortunate matter and should be commended.

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