Thursday, July 20, 2006

One Step Closer to Victory for Mt Soledad Cross

Courtesy of Jay at Stop the ACLU:

'One Step Closer To Victory For Mt. Soledad Cross'

The House voted by an overwhelming majority for a bill that seeks to acquire the land where Mt. Soledad Cross stands and keep the war memorial in place. The final vote was 349 to 74. All 74 nay votes were from democrats. The bill will now go to the Senate and will be introduced by Rep. Jeff Sessions.

While the current court cases trying to bring the cross down will continue, from Jay's understanding this legislation could make them moot. The current cases are being argued on the state constitution and if the federal government steps in and acquires the land it would override any verdict on the current argument. Of course we expect this isn’t near the end of the road. Jay is sure the ACLU will file a suit to challenge the constitutionality of the legislation if it passes.

Go Pundit Go is optimistic:

It’s unfortunate that the symbol of the Christian faith, a symbol of peace, sacrifice, and love, has been the center point of such a nasty and vigorous campaign by a few individuals who hate the sight of it, but in the end I believe the cross will continue to stand right where it is now. The people of San Diego made their voices heard and now Congress has too.

Thomas Moore Law Center has not put out an official press release yet. Jay at Stop the ACLU will be posting it at his website and I will post the official press release on our site.

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