Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wow! Does Pundit Review have a line-up tonignt!

I am thrilled to bring to you this review of the radio show that will broadcast tonight from 7pm-10pm EST on station WRKO in Boston, MA.

For the 7pm hour, Kevin and Greg (who wrote a book, "Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies" which is available now) will be discussing the high price of gas and some solutions with Sal Scuderi of The Scuderi Group. They are going to be discussing the new auto products that may be coming down the line due market demand, and they will also discuss some of the pros and cons of the beginning hybrids.

Kevin has made it known (it's called full disclosure, NY Times) that he has business relationship with the Scuderi Group. I believe this a good thing, because we usually do not invest in companies we don't think are going to be profitable!

In the 8pm hour, they will be discussing what the heck is going on over there in the Middle East. Dave Bender, a photo/video journalist and reporter based in Jerusalem will be joining the conversation. His blog, Israel at Level Ground is full of interesting Podcasts and coverage of the current situation and daily life in Israel. Check it out.

Then, in the 9pm hour, we will be treated to Blackfive's "Someone You Should Know." He will grace us with another true story about the Heroes the dinosaur media just doesn't seem to be able find.

At 9:20, we will have the pleasure of hearing a true Marine, Pat Dollard. Kevin and Greg (buy a book here!) have asked Froggy (a 14 year Navy SEAL!) from Blackfive's to inform us about Pat Dollard.
I ran across Pat Dollard’s website tonight, and let me tell you something. If you don’t know anybody in the military, spend 10 minutes watching his videos and then you will. Apparently, Pat is a former Hollywood type that went to Iraq on his own dime like Michael Yon and Bill Rogio to spend time in the field with the Marines serving in the Triangle of Death south of Baghdad. While his combat footage is great, better still are the video interviews of the Marines, contractors, and Iraqi soldiers…

But the real masterpiece is the “Welcome to the Triangle of Death” vid where he tapes himself and several Marines suffering and praying aloud during a mortar attack as the rounds are steadily walking closer and closer. It will send a chill up your spine, and give you a tremendous appreciation for the real horror of being the target of insurgent mortars. A very young female Marine describes the death of a comrade outside the chowhall in excruciating detail.
You can watch, "Welcome to the Triange of Death" here.

This is going to be one exciting evening, so go get everything done. Grab a cup of coffee (or a beer, I don't drink. lol), something to munch on, and lay back. You will enjoy yourself. I promise. Until then, take care.

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