Monday, September 25, 2006

Pro-KMT Opposition Group Fights Election in Mainland China

Chinese national security police are becoming increasingly concerned about the activities of a group of political activists who say they support the policies of Taiwan's Nationalist Party, or KMT, and its chairman Ma Ying-jeou, RFA's Mandarin and Cantonese services report. While its members deny they are in an opposition political party, they plan to field around 100 "independent" candidates in district and township level elections taking place across China this year and next. Authorities have already moved to close a chatroom on the popular QQ service, called "The Fans of Ma Ying-jeou," and have interrogated several of its members, according to one member of the group. Read the article.

This one is extremely important. Not that the others are not important, but this has to do with free speech. One of the telling signs of any government's standing in the world is whether or not they allow their citizens their God-given rights.

Hat tip: Radio Free Asia.

Category: China and (Freedom) Speech.