Monday, September 25, 2006

A Week in Iran: 16th-22nd

Pakistan Releases 2500 al Qaeda and Taliban. Sat. 9/16/2006.
A mini Cold War is starting in the Middle East. Sun. 9/17/2006.
Republic's media campaign in the USA. Mon. 9/18/2006.
Ahmadinejad invited to speak at the CFR. Tue. 9/19/2006.
Ahmadinejad attempts to rally world against the USA. Wed. 9/20/2006.
Ahmadinejad tells big lies but is largely unchallenged by the media. Thu. 9/21/2006.
Ahmadinejad crushes CFR's hope for a "grand bargain." Fri. 9/22/2006.

Each title contains many articles within it. This has been a very busy and somewhat curious week. It has indeed. Have a good day.

Category: The Daily Briefing on Iran.