Friday, October 27, 2006

Press Release: Mr. Green

Dear Mr. Green,

I hope you are well. Darfur, of course, is not. They are dying of neglect, Dying For Heroes.

Four of us entered our 4th week of Rescue Darfur Fast-Till-Genocide-Stops. We are only allowing ourselves to consume about 1000 calories per day. This is due to health concerns. Three of us are on the East Coast, one is on the West Coast.

We are calling on the world to join our Fast as a way of stating our mandate to our governmental leaders. Are we doing this because we think we will succeed and stop the Genocide? Yes and no. We are doing it because it is the right thing to do for our family, and Darfur is part of our family.

You have been a great friend of Darfur. This Press Release will be out later today:
  • I am writing to you out of friendship, and I am similarly contacting no one else.
  • If you would like to distribute this press release, I would be happy to send it to only you. Of course if that is what you suggest.
  • This is if you have that ability; I do not, effectively.
  • If you do not suggest giving it to you exclusively - do you have any suggestions as to who to contact and how we would gain the best possible distribution?
  • Would you be willing to make suggestions on a draft? No, I make no assumptions that you would. Just thought I'd ask.
Warm regards and thanks, Jay