Thursday, November 23, 2006

Captain Brent Bennett Responds

Week after week, whenever we email the Free Jack Idema Blogburst to everyone on the Blogroll, we always make sure to stress that Jack and Brent are grateful for the effort people make in posting about their plight.

Of course, we know that Jack and Brent are decent and honourable guys. And, of course, we know they appreciate what we're doing for them.

But. Still. When Brent takes the time, and on Thanksgiving, no less, to leave the following message at RP, we really think his kindness and decency deserves to be highlighted:
I would like to personally thank you.

What you, your friends, and the rest of the bloggers have done for us (Jack and I), helping us for quite some time now with the Free Jack Idema blogburst, it does not go unnoticed friend. Nowadays it is easier to hurt someone without ever leaving a chair or home, so when others take up for the cause it means more than you could ever imagine.
Of course, there would be no Free Jack Blogburst without all the people who participate in it, week-in, week-out. So huge pats on the back all round, people. Not only are we doing good here, but the good people we're doing it for do appreciate it.

There is, however, a downside to this:
Bennett was interrogated relentlessly, and threatened with death repeatedly shown a knife and told his ears and nose would be cut off. (To date Bennett has lost 8 teeth because of those beatings.) The torture was with the full knowledge and sanction of the FBI who were directing it, using the Afghans as proxies. FBI agents were at some points laughing about it in the hallway.
See, when a man like Captain Bennett thanks us for taking up his and Jack's cause, we really should make an effort to think hard about what it's like to have eight of your teeth bashed-out by a crazed, Islamofascist torturer. That, and the kind of strength it must take to still not break.

So, Brent, as much as we appreciate your thanks, really, it should be the other way around -- We are the ones who should be thanking you.

For standing in harm's way so we don't have to.

For taking the beatings so we don't have to.

And for listening to your own countrymen's laughter at your screams so we don't have to -- What? Pretend that the WoT can be won by smashing in the faces of the rough men who stand in harm's way to fight it?

But enough of politics. Today, of all days, I think everyone who posts on this topic, week after week, would like to say: 'Thank you, Jack and Brent. Stay safe, and have very Happy Thanksgiving.'