Friday, November 17, 2006

Escaped Dissident to seek US support: DBI

Friday's Daily Briefing on Iran.
Escaped Dissident Seeks U.S. Support to Topple The Islamic Republic.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that a leading Iranian student activist, Manucher Mohammadi, is calling for the Bush administration to directly fund opposition groups seeking to topple the theocratic regime in Tehran.
Sunnis start to see Shiite state as a bigger threat than Israel.
  • Chicago Tribune reported that with its growing influence in what is now Shiite-dominated Iraq , its nuclear program and a defiantly reinvigorated revolutionary regime, Iran may just be starting to keep Arab leaders awake at night.
Islamic Republic Declaring 'Economic Warfare' Announces Intent to Move Away from U.S. Dollar.
  • reported that Iran has made it official: declaring a governmental decision to move away from the dollar in the country's foreign-exchange transactions.
Here are a few other news items you may have missed.
  • Michael Ledeen, The National Review Online considered the work of the Iraq study group and suggested that it rethink the question that it is considering. Rather than ask how can we win the war in Iraq , they should consider the real question: How can we win the war in the Middle East, which now extends from Afghanistan to Lebanon , Iraq , Israel , and Somalia?
  • Iran Press News reported while Khatami has been globe trotting the world promoting his "Dialogue among Civilizations," the idea of a dialogue did not originate with him and he uses it to falsify facts about the intentions of the Islamic Republic.
  • Iran Press News reported on the most recent unrest and arrests in Iran among its workers, journalists, and activists.
  • RIA Novosti reported that Tehran is ready to discuss renewed inspections by the United Nations nuclear watchdog if the UN Security Council halts its consideration of the Iranian nuclear file.
  • Cox & Forkum published a cartoon: Flashback.
  • YouTube published the video of CNN's Glenn Beck's Special - Exposed: The Extremist Agenda.
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