Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Iran to destroy Israel, When will we listen? DBI

Tuesday's Daily Briefing on Iran.
Ahmadinejad “predicts” Israel 's soon disappearance and destruction.
  • YNet News reported that Ahmadinejad said of Israel "we will soon witness its disappearance and destruction.”
But Blair seeks a new “partnership” with Iran.
  • The Times Online reported that Tony Blair said there could be a new “partnership” with Iran if it stopped supporting terrorism in Iraq and gave up its nuclear ambitions. Syria and Iran could choose partnership or isolation, he said.
IAEA: Iran still evading transparency. (Gee, ya think?)
  • Reuters reported that a new International Atomic Energy Agency report on Iran due out this week is expected to say that Tehran continues to ignore IAEA calls for transparency while it prepares for a major expansion of its nuclear fuel program in the coming months.
Here are a few other news items you may have missed.
  • National Review Online reported that it looks as though the United States may attempt to negotiate a “grand bargain” with Iran after all.
  • The Toronto Star reported that Swiss banks will suspend dollar-based transactions with Iran and individual Iranians within the next few days.
Thank you Doctor Zin and Team for continuing to keep us informed. I don't when the rest of the world will listen, if ever, but we are listening...and we are grateful.