Saturday, November 11, 2006

Khomeini says US elections victory for Iran: DBI

Saturday's Daily Briefing on Iran.
Islamic Republic's Supreme Leader Says US Elections Were a Victory for Iran.
  • Santa Barbara News-Press reported that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic said that the Republican Party's losses in the U.S. midterm elections were a victory for Iran.
We have our nuclear time lines, the Russians have theirs.
  • Interfax reported that Russian military expert Maj. Gen. Vladimir Dvorkin said Iran could create an extremely simple nuclear bomb in two to three years if it acquired the thousands centrifuges needed to enrich uranium to weapons-grade level.
Olmert to focus on Iran in Washington.
  • The International Herald Tribune reported Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert goes to Washington next week stripped of his key diplomatic agenda, and unlikely to get much action from an equally weakened president on the one item he'll focus on — Iran.
Democrats Expected To Urge More Contact With U.S.
  • The Washington Post reported that the incoming chairmen of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House International Relations Committee have charged that not talking to Damascus and Tehran has hurt efforts to end the violence in Iraq.
Here are a few other news items you may have missed.
  • Reuters reported that Human Rights Watch called on Iran 's Judiciary should immediately halt the imminent execution of 10 Iranians of Arab origin and revoke the death sentence imposed on them.
  • Nir T. Boms and Elliot Chodoff, The Washington Times reminds us that "Ignorance is power," as George Orwell wrote in his famous book "1984." And so this Orwellian saga continues. While Iran develops nuclear weapons, puts its journalist in jail, persecutes its religious minorities and further limits its communication to the world — its former president Seyed Mohammad Khatami receives an honorary PhD from the respected St. Andrews that recognized his contribution to tolerance.
Thank you Doctor Zin and Team. We will have to sit around and wait a while now. Again...