Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More Asian News from RFA

Web Site Breaks New Ground for China's Migrant Workers.
HONG KONG—A new Web portal that aims to help China’s 150 million migrant workers find jobs, training, legal help and social activities is winning backing from officials anxious about social stability in a breakneck economy.

North Korean Film Goes Global.
SEOUL—Weeks after its nuclear test provoked an international outcry, North Korea’s Stalinist regime has secured unprecedented international distribution for a homegrown feature film said to have involved extensive consultation by reclusive leader Kim Jong Il.

Top Uyghur Musician Kurash Kosan Dies at 47.
Ethnic Uyghurs worldwide are mourning the sudden death of Kurash Kosan, 47, a fiercely nationalist singer whose hybrid compositions—using traditional instruments and modern lyrics—made him a household name throughout western China and Central Asia.

Fairytale Wedding for Burmese General's Daughter.
BANGKOK—Dazzling images of pearls, flowers, golden cloth, and glittering jewels are not normally associated with Burma, where ordinary people are among the poorest in the world.

Strategic Moves: China's Rediscovery of Africa.
HONG KONG—China is rapidly building strong economic and diplomatic ties among African countries, which will help ensure future energy security for its booming economy, markets for its goods, and a place to invest its capital, experts say.