Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pakistan Rape Reform Bill Passes: Protection of Women Bill a much needed reform

News in ContextCourtesy of The Middle East Media Line

Islamists Opposition Furious At Musharraf's New Rape Law

The Islamic opposition parties in Pakistan are enraged over an amendment to the rape law.  Pakistan's National Assembly on Wednesday approved the controversial and apparently unpopular Protection of Women bill.

"From now on, if a woman is raped, it will not matter whether she has evidence or not, only the rapist will be judged," Musharraf announced following the assembly's meeting. The existing law, introduced in 1979, stipulated that a woman who was raped could file a complaint only if she had four Muslim men witnesses, otherwise, the woman would be executed for committing adultery.

Where the hell is the outrage at the radicalized extremist whack jobs?  About time that the Mohammedans held their men accountable for inappropriate conduct.  Thank you President Musharraf for protecting women. 

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(Photograph)GETTING LOUDER: Activists agitate outside the parliament building for changes to Pakistan's conservative rape laws, the Hudood Ordinance.

Rape law reform roils Pakistan's Islamists