Friday, November 03, 2006

Russia and China say NO to sanctions

Friday's Daily Briefing on Iran.
Russia and China make it clear: no sanctions on Iran.
  • The Examiner reported that Russian and China indicated that they will not support a draft U.N. resolution imposing tough sanctions on Iran.
Bush makes it clear: Israel may be forced to attack Iran.
  • The Jerusalem Post claimed that President Bush reportedly said he would "understand" a preemptive Israeli strike against Iran s nuclear sites. The report could not be independently confirmed.
The IRGC make it clear they are preparing for a fight.
  • Iran Press News reported that the regime-run news agency Entekhob said that during the IRGC military maneuvers in the Persian Gulf this week they are planning the widespread planting of under-water mines.
  • The Times Online reported that Iran ’s elite Revolutionary Guards test-fired dozen of missiles today, including some that are capable of reaching Israeli and American forces in the Middle East , at the start of ten days of war games. Photo.
"Moderate" Khatami calls US policy "a joke."
  • BBC News reported that Khatami has branded US attempts to impose Western-style democracy in the Middle East as "a great joke."
Join the campaign for the release of Kianoosh Sanjari, now!
  • Amnesty International has begun an campaign for his release. They are asking you to write the head of the Islamic Republic's Judiciary on his behalf. Take action now!
  • Iran Press News reported that the mother of activist and blogger Kianoosh Sanjari, currently in Evin Prison, is not willing to be interviewed by the media for fear of it worsening her son’s situation.
The Case for an internal regime change inside of Iran.
  • Amir Taheri, Commentary provided a brief history of the Islamic Republic and argued that the Islamic Republic does not seek to become a partner in the international community but rather the leader in a world wide revolution that will ultimately can only be resolved by a regime change in Iran.
Here are three news items you may have missed.
  • US Central Command in a press release said Iraqi security forces intercepted six heavily loaded donkeys carrying 53 anti-tank landmines and one anti-tank projectile.
  • Iran Press News reported that a large number of workers and retirees rallied in front of the Islamic parliament to protest the industries and mines commission’s plans for the removal of production constraints and the reform of labor law.
  • Reuters reported that a Moroccan won first prize on Wednesday in Iran's International Holocaust Cartoons Contest.
Thank you, Doctor Zin and team, for your continued faithfulness in bringing us the news from Iran. You work tirelessly, and I appreciate you for that. I pray that someday soon we can see a free Iran.