Monday, November 06, 2006

Sunnis urge USA to fight Iranian influence: DBI

Monday's Daily Briefing on Iran.
Iraqi Sunnis Urge U.S. to Fight Iran Influence.
  • Bloomberg reported that Sunni Muslims refugees from one of Iraq 's most violent towns say America ought to drop its war on insurgents and focus on battling Iran 's growing influence in their country.
Iraqi Muqtada al-Sadar: the US is waiting to kill the Mahdi!
  • YNet News reported on how both Ahmadinejad and Shiite leader in Iraq Muqtada al-Sadar believe in the coming of the mahdi –the Shiite equivalent of the messiah.
Iran ready for talks with US on Iraq.
  • Reuters reported that Iran said it would consider entering talks with the United States on security in Iraq if it received an official request.
IAEA inspectors visit second network of centrifuges.
  • Yahoo News reported that a group of U.N. nuclear watchdog inspectors has visited Iran 's second network of centrifuges at its Natanz uranium enrichment facility.
Iran offers Lebanon weapons.
  • Yahoo News reported that Iran is prepared to supply anti-aircraft weaponry to the Lebanese armed forces said Iranian ambassador Mohammad Reza Sheiban.
Here are a few other news items you may have missed.
  • The Corner responded to a press release from Vanity Fair on "neoconservative” supporters of the war in Iraq . Some of those “neoconservatives” highlighted in the article have responded in this symposium.
  • You Tube published the trailer for Robert Spencer's new movie: Islam: What the West Needs to Know.
Wow. This is amazingly good news that the Sunnis are seeking help from the USA. I believe very strongly we should aid them, because Iran has been one of the most viriulent reasons for the deaths of our heroes. I hope it doesn't take forever, like everything else seems to be taking. I wonder if the State Department has had a hand in this? That would explain all the delays!

Thank you, Doctor Zin and Team, for bringing us this news. I know it is very dangerous for some of you, and we are very grateful. Have a great day, and stay safe. My prayers are with you.